Bio – Delene Cole, MS, LMFT

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Delene Cole, MS, LMFT

Delene’s Practice – Relative Change has moved to 3318 11th Av. N., St. Petersburg, FL 33713, but she is still part of the St. Petersburg Health & Wellness Team. Delene is available to help with your Mental Health, Relationship and Emotional needs. Call her – 727-612-1560.

When people ask me what I do, I tell them that I help make things make sense in context, and when this happens, the experience of one’s quality of life improves.  I am a psychotherapist, specifically a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, with a background in human development and nursing.  I am an Integrative Mental Health Professional.  My work is centered on integrating emotional and cognitive interventions while working with complimentary and holistic health care practitioners who guide the functional aspects providing a truly holistic approach to wellness.  Although familiar with western medicine and DSM V diagnoses, I look at systems and patterns, more than pathologies and labels.  My own experiences and my training firmly support the necessary collaborations of biophysical matters as well as the psycho-emotional and transpersonal ones.  In working with individuals I use strength based approaches that include Adlerian, Narrative, DBT, and Solution Focused Therapies.  Practicing clinical hypnotherapy for many years and integrating that with the dynamic process of Internal Family Systems Therapy helps to gently shift subconscious and trauma related trigger points and behavioral patterns.

I started out working with adolescents and families, and my expertise expanded into integrative medicine by working with clients who suffer from eating disorders, anxiety, depression and addiction, as well as collaborating with Doctors specializing in functional medicine.  The outcomes for these clients have been quite successful, and I continue to build a broad base of collective experience.

Along with my husband (Dr. Les Cole) I have taught over the years on many topics, and we work well together. Personally we have successfully navigated 20 + years in a fulfilling marriage and blended a cooperative family with five children and 3 other parenting partners (our exes and their partners!).  Our children are grown, and successfully launched, and we are proud grandparents.  We now enjoy living without children at home, which allows for professional development, teaching, writing, creative endeavors, community activities, further personal and spiritual exploration, and of course, family gatherings. Yes, Life is Good and we are living well….